Björn Frederking a.k.a. E-Crow a.k.a. Strahler

Only one artist hides behind the pseudonyms E-crow and Strahler: Björn Frederking.
He started to make music in 1988, during the first time in band-projects, but since the middle of the 90's he preferred to do his experiments with sounds alone. His way led him from Ambient to tracks influenced by Drum 'n Bass and Electro and more and more to an own independent style.
You can follow this process listening to the "E-Crow electronic listening compilation 95-98". The wide range of different compositions shows the development. Every new step required a changed or new definition and also a renaming of his own project.
The tracks which came into being during three years in a studio in the bavarian "Outback" are characterized by tricky beats, warm sound shapes and Björns manic love for the equipment which causes often surprising results. Their harmony and atmosphere are disturbed by deliberat breaks and especially in the spoken word tracks by a cryptic humor.
The track "Elektronisch" is a special mark on this way. It is the end of the album and can be seen as a new beginning, because it is the only track without foreign vocal samples. Frederking started to uses his voice and initiated under the name Strahler a series of publications on our label.


  • In 2003 Björn Frederking got rid of his artist name Strahler and started to use his own surname: Frederking
  • Since 2002 he has been working at the University of Art in Berlin for Interflugs, giving lessons in software, video and sound equipment. He also produced music for many art and image videos.
  • From 2000 till 2002 he worked for the Academy of Art in Berlin/Weißensee, giving video equipment lessons.
  • Since 1998 he has been working on experimental videos as well. Together with the artist Norbert E. Witzgall (N.E.W.) he won the Akademiepreis 2000 for the art video „Über deinen Körper“.
  • 1998-02 he moved to Dresden for an education in video and TV techniques. Together with the Analogue Audio Association he released 4 EPs there. They were published at the label Placid Records.
  • In 1998 he released his first album at the label E-Crow but it was published as compilation.
  • 1993 he left the band Incense to develop his passion for electronical music and started his experiments with a synthesizer, a guitar and an eight-track tapemachine. Soon he discovered the possibilities of sampling and sequencing - the birth of Strahler.
  • 1991 he founded the band Incense which was influenced by music of the 70's. The band had a lot of small gigs all over Germany.
  • 1989 he learned to play guitar and made his first solo experiences on stage. During this time he started traveling through Europe making some money with playing music on the streets.
  • 1987 he started his musical career as singer and song writer of a teen rockband.
  • Björn Frederking was born in Franconia/Germany in 1969-10.