What we do on stage is none of your business !

Placid Records (and also the Analogue Audio Association) consists of two members: Tilo Manig and Jörn Währ.

Born in 1970, they grew up with the daily challenges of socialistic conditions. One of their earliest experiments with music was to produce a sound-loop. You need only a vinyl-record and a needle or a self made endless-tape.

Such a "misery” forced you to be inventive an the lack of equipment caused a sudden wealth of ideas.

The label's history has begun in the rainy November of the year 1990 in East-Germany. This year was a time of great political changes. They forced the development of electronic music, new ideas and projects were born. Placid Records was one of them, situated in Dresden, a city near Berlin.

During the first steps of their career they looked for a sound reflecting the modern times, in fact the blood, the sweat and the smell – called "hood” by Americans. Although they say they have not found it, they learned how to rock the crowd.

With the help of a four-track-recorder the Analogue Audio Association started to create their unique sound, which is noticeable till today. From the beginning it has been characterised by the warm sound of analogue units (i.e. Moog, various Rolands and a S-Drum), the motor of the project. Often newly acquired electronic equipment gives new impulses for new tracks and spontaneous interactions during live-performances.

Especially there the "AAA” lives up to their full musical potential.

After the first seven releases a new generation enthused the label. Its old tracks are a kind of minimal acid. The tracks of the new generation show many influences of Electro, increasingly using German samples. Not only as end in itself. Character and the special personality of the sampled person plays an extraordinary role in this.

Placid Records is not confined to publish only their own sounds but offers like-minded projects (i.e. Strahler) a chance to publish and perform as well. It is their variety of styles that makes their records so unique.

Since Placid has been supported by the distributor FORMIC the publication of their music access became world wide. Despite a strong feedback Tilo and Jörn are looking for new ways in reaching the audience.